10 tips for summer flu – home remedies that can help

tea for summer flu
tea for summer flu

Air conditioning systems, damp bathing clothes and drafts can bring us fever, sore throat, cough and runny nose even on warm days in summer.


Especially effective against colds is a tea with ginger, which stimulates the immune system and disinfects the throat. Peel a thumb-sized piece of ginger, cut into small pieces and brew with a cup of hot water. Let it rest for five minutes, then drink. Even as a cold drink, the tea tastes wonderful.


The silver-green leaves of sage are with their anti-inflammatory properties a tried and tested home remedy for colds of all kinds. A summer flu is usually accompanied by a sore throat, which can be used to deal with sage leaves. Just chew the fresh leaves or make tea with them. Add a teaspoon of sage leaves in a cup, dash with boiling water, let steep for 10 minutes and sweeten with honey as you like. Drink the tea in small sips or gargle lukewarm with it.

Leg compress

In case of high fever, leg compresses have proven to lower the body temperature. Wrap a damp cloth over the lower legs, wrap with a cotton cloth and stretch out the legs. After about five minutes, when the cloth is warm to the body, remove the wrap. Repeat the application two to three times. It is important that the legs are well covered, because the feet must not get cold.


A wrap of four to six boiled potatoes relieves pain in the throat with its heat. Place the potatoes in a kitchen towel, wrap in a second cloth and crush. Put it around the neck and fix it with a scarf. Remove the wrap after cooling. If you have tonsillitis you should rather cool your neck, for example with quark.

Onion juice

Onions are first-rate helpers against a phlegmy throat because they contain essential oils and flavonoids that kill germs and relieve inflammation – perfect for symptoms of summer flu. Peel two onions, cut into small pieces and bring to a boil with a few tablespoons of sugar. Let the onion juice cool down and then strain through a cloth. Take one tablespoon twice daily. Keep the remaining juice in the fridge.

Vitamin C

In order not to get sick, we need to strengthen our defenses. Vitamin C helps us because it boosts the production of antibodies, stimulates the formation of white blood cells and is an excellent antioxidant. A lot of vitamin C contains, for example, broccoli, kiwis, peppers, citrus fruits, rose hips and sea buckthorn.

a walk on fresh air helps for flu
a walk on fresh air helps for flu

Fresh air

Even on the balcony or in the garden on a lounger, you can relax from summer flu. The fresh air acts on the lungs like a natural balm. The condition is that it is warm outside, but not too hot, that you avoid draft and always covers well.

Chamomile flowers

For coughing and stuck mucus, inhaling water vapor helps. The healing effect can be enhanced with dried or fresh chamomile flowers. They inhibit inflammation and strengthen the immune system of the body. Bring three to four liters (6 to 8 pint) of water to a boil in a saucepan and add a handful of flowers. Let the mixture soak for ten minutes, then bend over it in a comfortable position. Cover the head with a towel and inhale through the nose for eight to ten minutes and exhale through the mouth.


If the nose is constantly running, a hot full bath of thyme can help. Add 50 g (2 oz) of fresh thyme to half a liter (2 cup) of hot water, let it steep for 15 minutes and then strain. Pour the broth into pleasantly warm bath water and inhale the vapors through the nose while bathing. Then dry the skin well and go to bed. Cover well, breathe deeply and relax.

Light food

In summer flu, sometimes diarrhea and vomiting accompany the usual symptoms of a cold. Then you have to relieve the stomach and intestines with easily digestible foods. Rusk, oatmeal, spicy carrot soup and unsweetened fennel tea are not exactly culinary masterpieces, but are good for the weak digestive system. In addition, you should definitely drink a lot to compensate for the fluid loss. So our intestinal, which is enormously important for our immune system, gets fit faster.

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