a motherwort plant

Motherwort – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-10-24 0

Motherwort quickly catches the eye with its characteristic flowers and leaves. The imposing mint, also known as the lion’s tail or lion’s ear, is an important herb in natural medicine. The ingredients contained in the […]

flax with purple flowers

Flax – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-10-21 0

Flax is an important crop and is used in many ways. Both linseed and linseed oil are used in cooking and medicine. The contained mucilage and fatty acids help for stomach, intestinal complaints and cough. […]

olive herb with flowers

Olive herb – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-10-07 7

The olive herb is popular in the Mediterranean cuisine, mainly because of its intense flavor of pickled olives. However, since many valuable ingredients are included, olive herb is also applicable in folk medicine. The plant […]