Japanese painted fern (Athyrium niponicum)
Ladyfern family

Japanese painted fern – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-26 0

The Japanese painted fern is a striking fern with metallic leaf coloration. This is how you plant and care for it. Profile of Japanese painted fern: Scientific name: Athyrium niponicum Plant family: ladyfern family (Athyriaceae) […]

Pampas grass

Cut back pampas grass: Tips for pruning

2021-02-25 0

For several years, ornamental grasses have come back into fashion. They embellish front gardens and balconies in their own, very special way. First and foremost, there is a great demand for representatives of the genus […]

False sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides)
Daisy / Aster family

False sunflower – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-24 0

The false sunflower with its flowers provides warm yellow tones in the garden until well into autumn. The perennial is pleasingly easy to plant and care for. Profile of false sunflower: Scientific name: Heliopsis helianthoides […]

Snowdrops in the snow

Gardening in March – Things to do

2021-02-23 0

In March, spring is approaching, and with it the gardening of the new season. However, the right time to start gardening depends on the regional climate. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional, […]

Sweet cicely (Myrrhis odorata)

Sweet cicely – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-22 0

The sweet cicely is an easy-care herb and medicinal plant that looks very attractive even in a perennial bed. This is how you plant and care for it. Profile of sweet cicely: Scientific name: Myrrhis […]

Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa)
Dogbane family

Butterfly weed – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-18 0

Bright orange flowers, unique fruit decoration, favorite of butterflies: the butterfly weed is an outstanding feature of natural gardens. Profile of butterfly weed: Scientific name: Asclepias tuberosa Plant family: dogbane family (Apocynaceae) Other names: butterflyweed, […]

Black mullein (Verbascum nigrum)
Figwort family

Black mullein – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-17 0

The black mullein brings a lot of color into your garden. This is how you plant and care for this striking perennial. Profile of black mullein: Scientific name: Verbascum nigrum Plant family: figwort family (Scrophulariaceae) […]

Black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus)
Asparagus family

Black mondo grass – info, planting, care and tips

2021-02-16 0

With its black leaves and the advantageously contrasting white flowers, the black mondo grass is a real eye-catcher among the otherwise colorful variety of ornamental plants. Profile of black mondo grass: Scientific name: Ophiopogon planiscapus […]