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Growing kohlrabi: Avoid these mistakes

2021-05-31 0

Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes) belongs to the cabbage family, but the vegetable with the juicy-sweet tubers grows much faster than most of its relatives. If grown in advance in March, kohlrabi can be harvested […]

Arugula (rocket)
Green Living

Store arugula: How to keep it fresh for a long time

2021-05-28 0

Arugula (Eruca sativa), or rocket, is a fine-crunchy, tender, vitamin-rich and slightly bitter salad that has long been considered a delicacy among vegetable lovers. However, after harvest or purchase, arugula, also known as rocket, should […]

Young tomato plant
Gardening advice & tips

How to set your tomato plants correctly

2021-05-27 0

At the end of April / beginning of May is getting warmer and pre-grown tomatoes can slowly move to the open ground. If you want to plant young tomato plants in the garden, mild temperatures […]

Wild herbs
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Identify, harvest and prepare wild herbs

2021-05-26 0

Collecting wild herbs is in vogue, either on a foray through the field, forest or meadow. Some people see wild plants only as weeds. Connoisseurs use the vital substance-rich wild herbs for healthy cooking. Especially […]

A watering can and a pitchfork made of metal
Gardening advice & tips

Gardening without plastic

2021-05-25 0

Gardening without plastic is not so easy. When you think about it, a shocking number of materials used in planting, landscaping or gardening are plastic. From upcycling to reuse options: Her are a few tips […]

A balcony garden with some herbs
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6 organic tips for the balcony garden

2021-05-24 0

More and more people want to manage their own balcony garden sustainably. After all, organic gardening is good for the urban climate and biodiversity, saves us money and improves our ecological footprint. Here are some […]

Vegetables for beginners
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Vegetables for beginners: These five types always succeed

2021-05-21 0

These five vegetable varieties are perfect for beginners and promise a rich and, above all, quick harvest. Even without a green thumb. Planting, watering and harvesting for beginners: even absolute garden greenhorns do not have […]

sweet corn cobs
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How to sow corn in the garden

2021-05-20 0

Corn sown in the garden has nothing to do with the forage corn on the fields. It is a different variety, sweet corn. The corn cobs are best for cooking, eaten out of hand with […]

Quinoa patties

Make quinoa patties yourself: The best recipes

2021-05-19 0

The fact that quinoa is a so-called superfood is no coincidence, because the small grains have it all. In addition to many vitamins and important minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron, they also contain […]