Red bell peppers
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Growing peppers: With these tips it will succeed

2022-05-23 0

Do you love peppers, but growing them yourself has so far produced hardly any fruit? If you take these tips to heart, your plants will thrive splendidly and certainly give you a rich bell pepper […]

lawn mower
Do it yourself

How to renew your lawn without digging up

2022-05-17 0

Your lawn is just a patch of moss and weeds? No problem: With these tips you can easily renew the lawn in one weekend – without digging up! Renewing an unkempt lawn is imagined by […]

A raised bed with lettuce
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How to plant a raised bed

2022-05-12 0

If you want to plant your raised bed with vegetables in a way that makes the most of it, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here is what you need to know. […]