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Tips against weeds in the garden

2022-06-30 0

Weeds in the garden always seem to grow a little faster than the flowers or crops. But with the right tools, regular weeding and a few gardening tricks, weeds can be controlled. As diverse as […]

a healthy phlox
Gardening advice & tips

Phlox: tips against mildew

2022-06-29 0

White and gray, furry coatings on phlox are usually a sign of the familiar powdery mildew fungus. Here are tips on how to prevent powdery mildew infestation and how to combat the fungus. What is […]

Also a small garden can be expensive
Garden planning

Cheap gardening: tips for small budgets

2022-06-28 0

Why spend a lot of money, when many gardening activities and projects can be done without effort and high costs by simple means? These tips for small budgets make gardening more affordable. Every gardener knows […]

A small olive tree
Gardening advice & tips

Olive tree? These are the reasons why it loses leaves

2022-06-27 0

When the olive tree suddenly loses most of its leaves, it is usually a warning signal. Here’s how to find out what’s wrong with your Mediterranean plant. Olive trees (Olea europaea) are Mediterranean plants and […]

cucumber disease
Gardening advice & tips

Cucumbers: tips against diseases and pests

2022-06-24 0

If you grow cucumbers, you have to expect that diseases and pests can spread from time to time. Here you can find out how to recognize and combat them. Anyone who grows vegetable in a […]

Climbing aid for cucumbers
Do it yourself

Climbing aids for cucumbers: This is important

2022-06-23 0

Cucumbers want to reach high, but for this they depend on climbing aids both in the greenhouse and outdoors. Here is what you need to know about which climbing aids are particularly suitable for cucumbers […]

Pointed pepper
Gardening advice & tips

Pinching out peppers: Useful or not?

2022-06-22 0

Pinching out peppers is not a must. But it has, as with tomatoes and cucumbers, some advantages. Here is how to do it and what it can do for you. Opinions differ as to whether […]

tomato plant with green fruits
Gardening advice & tips

Pinching out tomatoes: This is how it’s done

2022-06-17 0

If you regularly pinch out your tomatoes, i.e. break out the side shoots in the leaf axils, the plants will develop better quality fruit. Here is how to do it. Tomatoes belong in every vegetable […]