watering tomatoes with a watering can
Gardening advice & tips

Watering tomatoes properly

2022-06-13 0

Tomatoes are delicious, healthy and easy to care for, but they make certain demands when it comes to watering. Here are tips on when and how best to water tomatoes and what you should pay […]

coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer in the garden
Gardening advice & tips

Using coffee grounds as fertilizer in your garden

2022-06-10 0

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage after water. The coffee grounds usually end up in household waste or on the compost heap. However, it can also be used directly as fertilizer for garden plants. […]

a pile of mulch and a wheelbarrow
Garden planning

Tips about mulching – mulch instead of watering

2022-06-07 0

A thick layer of mulch protects the soil, prevents weed growth and provides food for beneficial creatures in the soil. If you know the properties of the different materials, you can use them effectively. Covering […]