A dry bed with california-poppy, grasses and cactus
Garden planning

Plants for dry soils

2022-07-29 0

Hot, dry summers demand a lot from our plants. Here are some resilient survivors that really thrive in dry soils, whether in the sun or shade. Months of drought and heat have stressed many plants […]

sprouted potatoes
Gardening advice & tips

Sprouted potatoes: can you still eat them?

2022-07-27 0

When potatoes sprout, many are unsure whether they can still be eaten. Here is when it is better to refrain from eating them. Sprouting potatoes are not uncommon in vegetable storage. If the tubers are […]

cucumber plants in a green house
Gardening advice & tips

How to properly water cucumbers

2022-07-26 0

In order for cucumbers to grow well and produce beautiful fruit, they need to be watered regularly. Here are some of the most important tips for watering this healthy and popular vegetable. Cucumbers belong to […]

potatoes fresh from the garden
Gardening advice & tips

Tips for harvesting potatoes

2022-07-22 0

When should you harvest potatoes? Here is how you can tell if the tubers in your garden are ripe and how to get them out of the ground undamaged. Harvesting potatoes depends not only on […]

sweet cherry tree
Do it yourself

Pruning a cherry tree: This is how it’s done

2022-07-21 0

Cherry trees are among the most vigorous growing fruit trees in the garden. Therefore, to slow down growth and increase fruitfulness, you should prune your cherry tree at the right time. Cherry trees display vigorous […]

green leaf lettuce
Gardening advice & tips

Why does the lettuce bolt?

2022-07-20 0

Have you ever wondered why your lettuce suddenly shoots up in the summer? Here’s what’s behind it, and here’s how you can prevent it. Lettuce from your own garden is a delight. If you plant […]

powdery mildew on zucchini

Tips against powdery mildew on zucchini and pumpkin

2022-07-19 0

Zucchini and squash are particularly susceptible to powdery and downy mildew. Here is how you can recognize an infestation and how you can prevent it. Unfortunately, those who grow zucchini and pumpkin often have problems […]

enjoy your garden
Do it yourself

Making the garden easy to care for

2022-07-18 0

The more low-maintenance the garden is designed, the more time there is to dream and enjoy. Here is what to consider when you want to create a garden that is little work. Is it really […]