Gardening advice & tips

Pruning hibiscus: When is the best time?

2022-10-31 0

Many gardeners like to cut back their garden hibiscus after it blooms in the fall. However, this is not a good idea. Read why here. Hibiscus syriacus, also called shrub althea or garden marshmallow, grows […]

Gardening advice & tips

How to propagate raspberries successfully

2022-10-28 0

If you want to create a new raspberry patch, you can easily propagate the existing plants yourself. Here you will find the different methods of propagation. Raspberries are very vigorous semi-shrubs, and the various varieties […]

a blueberry shrub
Gardening advice & tips

How to plant blueberries correctly

2022-10-27 0

Blueberries are popular shrubs for the orchard, but they have special requirements for soil and location. Like rhododendrons, the plants belong to the heather family and need a humus-rich, lime-free and evenly moist soil. Cultivated […]

taking care of trees is important, so they do not grow too wild
Gardening advice & tips

Tree care: Tips for healthy trees in the garden

2022-10-26 0

Trees are often neglected when it comes to maintenance, but they can be effectively cared for and kept in good shape with just a little effort. With these tips for tree care, trees in the […]

black salsify and potatoes
Gardening advice & tips

Harvesting salsify: How to do it successfully

2022-10-25 0

Black salsify is in season in fall and winter. Here is how to harvest and store the healthy vegetable correctly. Black salsify is ready for harvesting from October. When harvesting, you should pay attention to […]

phlox with white flowers
Gardening advice & tips

Propagate phlox by division

2022-10-24 0

The best known of all phlox, the garden phlox, can be easily propagated by division with just a few strokes of the spade and kept healthy at the same time. In late autumn, at the […]

a small apple tree in a garden
Gardening advice & tips

Planting fruit trees: What to consider

2022-10-21 0

A lot can go wrong when planting a fruit tree. Here are some tips on the right tree size and a step-by-step guide on how to do it correctly. If you want your fruit trees […]

staghorn sumac
Gardening advice & tips

How to cut staghorn sumac correctly

2022-10-20 0

Staghorn sumac grow quickly and tend to sprout. If the tree grows too large, becomes bare or consists of a dense tangle of branches, you need to prune it. Here is how to prune staghorn […]