rhubarb plant
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Rhubarb: planting tips

2022-10-17 0

To plant new rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum), fall is the ideal time. From the location and the right soil to the recommended planting depth: this is what you should pay attention to. When planting rhubarb, the […]

Gardening advice & tips

How to transplant raspberries?

2022-10-14 0

Raspberry bushes are transplanted in the fall after harvest, while the soil is still warm. When the shoots come to rest, new roots sprout all the more abundantly. The range of varieties of raspberries, which […]

a butterfly on a summer lilac
Gardening advice & tips

How to propagate summer lilac

2022-10-13 0

Summer lilac is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs in the midsummer garden and attracts numerous butterflies with its large flower corollas. Here is how you can successfully propagate it. The summer lilac (Buddleja […]


Strong power sources from nature

2022-10-12 0

When the days get shorter and shorter in fall, many people feel tired and powerless. Here are natural sources for more energy and vitality. The herbs of the Druids Vervain was considered a probable cure-all […]

basil on a windowsill

How to overwinter basil

2022-10-12 0

With plenty of light and warmth, you can overwinter basil on the windowsill. Here is what you need to bear in mind when transplanting this kitchen herb. To overwinter basil turns out a little difficult, […]

unripe tomatoes
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After-ripening tomatoes: this is how it’s done

2022-10-11 0

Tomatoes are among the few vegetables that can be allowed to after-ripen indoors after harvest. Here are the best ways to after-ripen tomatoes. Tomatoes can be wonderfully after-ripened indoors. In this respect, the fruiting vegetable […]

rhubarb stems
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Autumn rhubarb: fresh harvest until October

2022-10-10 0

Rhubarb is one of the most popular plants in the kitchen garden. With everbearing rhubarb you have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh harvest until October. Here is how the special varieties came into being. […]

autumn leaves
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Ways to use autumn leaves wisely

2022-10-05 0

The trees and shrubs are now shedding more and more leaves. In some gardens so much that garden owners simply dispose of the leaves with the household waste due to lack of space. But it’s […]