tree spinach
Vegetable plants

Tree spinach – planting, care and harvest

2023-01-31 0

Tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum) is a rapidly spreading vegetable plant that can be prepared like spinach. This is how to properly plant and care for it. Tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum), also known as wild buckwheat, […]

cucumber is a climbing plant

Climbing vegetables: Large yields in a small space

2023-01-27 0

Climbing beans and cucumbers, pumpkins and capuchin peas do not need much space and produce a rich harvest at airy heights. These vegetables are veritable climbers for your kitchen gardens. Climbing vegetables offer large yields […]

Caigua (Cyclanthera pedata)
Vegetable plants

Caigua: planting, caring and harvesting

2023-01-25 0

The caigua (Cyclanthera pedata), also known as the Inca cucumber, is widespread in Peru, but not widely grown elsewhere. Here is how you can grow this annual climber at home and produce its distinctive horn-shaped […]

Vegetable plants

Artichokes: Cultivation, care and harvest

2023-01-23 0

Artichokes are special vegetables not only because of their fine taste. As ornamental plants, they are also extraordinary phenomena that amaze garden lovers. Origin of the artichoke The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus subsp. scolymus) is a […]

Gardening advice & tips

Cutting blackberries: This is how to do

2023-01-20 0

If you don’t want a dense tangle of twigs and a meager harvest, sooner rather than later, you need to prune and raise your blackberries properly. With blackberries in the spring cut off all the […]

hydrangea as a houseplant
Green Living

Hydrangeas improve the indoor climate

2023-01-19 0

What is the best remedy for dry heating air in winter? A natural humidifier called hydrangea. The flowers and voluminous foliage evaporate water and thus improve the indoor climate in a completely natural way, as […]


How to cut and propagate yucca

2023-01-18 0

The yucca forms long thin shoots with sparse leaf scapes when there is a lack of light. Here is how to cut off your yucca in a simple way, and propagate it at the same […]

money plant

How to propagate a money plant

2023-01-17 0

The money plant, also known as lucky plant, friendship tree or jade plant, is easy to propagate yourself by both shoot and leaf cuttings. Here are the instructions for propagating the friendship tree. The propagation […]

making own potting compost
Do it yourself

Make your own potting compost: This is how it’s done

2023-01-16 0

Potting compost, also known as seeding compost, provides seeds and cuttings with optimal conditions for germination and growth. Here is how you can easily make the substrate yourself. Many gardeners swear by homemade potting compost. […]