Aromatic care for skin and hair

grapes are good for skin and hair care
grapes are good for skin and hair care

Grapes taste delicious and are very healthy. They have high levels of immune boosting vitamin C and some B vitamins that are good for the brain and nerves. Their minerals – including a lot of potassium, which regulates the water balance – and trace elements stimulate the metabolism. And last but not least, they contain a lot of fructose, which quickly supplies the body with energy.

External applications with grapes

In addition, some appreciate the external application of grapes – in creams, masks, peelings and other cosmetic products.

They have been proven to have many highly active substances that protect the berries from environmental damage, fungi, bacteria and other pests. We can use these ingredients specifically for the protection, care and regeneration of the skin. With just a few ingredients such as honey and grape seed flour, you can quickly mix a fresh refreshing and skin-smoothing pack for the décolleté or face from fresh grapes.

If you prefer a fine consistency, it is best to puree the mixture with the hand mixer. The regenerating effect of these masks is mainly due to the fruit acids in the grapes: these remove the dead cells and promote the regeneration of the skin.

The minerals that are also present stimulate the metabolism of the skin and the tissues, while the honey, with its antibacterial and calming properties, helps to speed up the healing of pimples, inflammation and minor injuries. For these applications, it is recommended to use not sprayed, organic-quality grapes to buy.

Nevertheless, it should be washed thoroughly before use. However, a dull layer on the shell is normal – the “foggy dew” caused by the evaporation of humidity. In addition to fresh fruits, you can use the oil made from grape seeds for the preparation of recreational products, which has been used for cosmetic purposes since the Middle Ages.

For the production of a liter (2 pint) in a complex, the precious ingredients gentle cold pressing requires 50 kilograms (110 lbs) of seeds. That’s about 2.5 tons (5500 lbs) of grapes – so it’s relatively expensive. Grape seed oil contains the highest proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in comparison with all other vegetable oils – around 90 percent.

These fatty acids are not only interesting as food. Applied externally, they can improve and increase the elasticity of the skin. The associated abundant linoleic acid also counteracts cornification. Another ingredient ensures that the grape seed oil penetrates very well into the skin.

This not only makes the application pleasant, but also helps to inject fat-soluble substances – such as the cell-protective vitamin E – deep into the tissue. And it gets even better: not only in the skin of grapes, also in the seeds, which are also processed into flour and meal, scientists discovered the molecule OPC, which is one of the most effective herbicides against premature skin aging.

Similar properties have been found in another ingredient of the grapes: Resveratrol is a component of the skin and especially in the blue grapes present in considerable concentration. This biochemical compound also acts as a natural antioxidant that can ward off harmful environmental effects. In addition, it is able to activate certain enzymes that, like the AHA acids, stimulate the renewal of skin cells.

Daily skin care

This soothing blend of active ingredients is very easy to apply in daily skin care: pure or mixed with a few drops of an essential oil, grape seed oil makes the skin smooth and supple. Cornified areas become soft again when treated with a peeling of ground cores or meal and oil, followed by using a body butter.

The ingredients used are available in stores for natural cosmetic products. In addition to the grapes, a vine stock holds more wonderful substances for us – in its leaves.

The red vine leaves have anti-inflammatory ingredients that increase blood flow and strengthen the vessel walls. A cooling gel with these ingredients brings tired, heavy and swollen legs back to life and also helps with spider veins, varicose veins and phlebitis.

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