Mediterranean cuisine is varied and healthy

Mediterranean cuisine: delicious and healthy food

2023-08-01 0

Welcome, gastronomes and food enthusiasts, to a captivating exploration of Mediterranean cuisine – a culinary odyssey that tantalizes taste buds and nourishes the body and soul. In this voyage of flavor, we shall delve into […]

vegetable patch
Do it yourself

Planning a vegetable patch in four steps

2023-07-28 0

Are you eager to embark on a journey of homegrown goodness? Dreaming of cultivating your very own vegetable patch but unsure where to begin? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through […]

A bee on a blossom in a natural garden
Do it yourself

How to create a natural garden

2023-07-20 0

Welcome to the world of natural gardening, where the symphony of nature takes center stage and sustainable practices thrive. In this comprehensive guide, How to Create a Natural Garden, we will delve into the art […]

Watermelon Seeds
Green Living

Watermelon seeds: A shame for the trash can

2023-07-17 0

Did you know that those tiny watermelon seeds you often discard without a second thought are actually a hidden treasure? It’s time to reconsider their worth and stop treating them as mere waste. In this […]

cucumber is a climbing plant

Climbing vegetables: Large yields in a small space

2023-01-27 0

Climbing beans and cucumbers, pumpkins and capuchin peas do not need much space and produce a rich harvest at airy heights. These vegetables are veritable climbers for your kitchen gardens. Climbing vegetables offer large yields […]

hydrangea as a houseplant
Green Living

Hydrangeas improve the indoor climate

2023-01-19 0

What is the best remedy for dry heating air in winter? A natural humidifier called hydrangea. The flowers and voluminous foliage evaporate water and thus improve the indoor climate in a completely natural way, as […]


How to cut and propagate yucca

2023-01-18 0

The yucca forms long thin shoots with sparse leaf scapes when there is a lack of light. Here is how to cut off your yucca in a simple way, and propagate it at the same […]

money plant

How to propagate a money plant

2023-01-17 0

The money plant, also known as lucky plant, friendship tree or jade plant, is easy to propagate yourself by both shoot and leaf cuttings. Here are the instructions for propagating the friendship tree. The propagation […]