hydrangea as a houseplant
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Hydrangeas improve the indoor climate

2023-01-19 0

What is the best remedy for dry heating air in winter? A natural humidifier called hydrangea. The flowers and voluminous foliage evaporate water and thus improve the indoor climate in a completely natural way, as […]

black salsify and potatoes
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Harvesting salsify: How to do it successfully

2022-10-25 0

Black salsify is in season in fall and winter. Here is how to harvest and store the healthy vegetable correctly. Black salsify is ready for harvesting from October. When harvesting, you should pay attention to […]

unripe tomatoes
Gardening advice & tips

After-ripening tomatoes: this is how it’s done

2022-10-11 0

Tomatoes are among the few vegetables that can be allowed to after-ripen indoors after harvest. Here are the best ways to after-ripen tomatoes. Tomatoes can be wonderfully after-ripened indoors. In this respect, the fruiting vegetable […]

Gardening advice & tips

Quinces: tips for harvesting and processing

2022-10-04 0

Quinces are not only very healthy, but also very tasty. Here are tips for harvesting and processing the yellow all-rounders. Quince (Cydonia oblonga) is one of the oldest cultivated fruits. The Babylonians cultivated this fruit […]

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Acorns: edible or poisonous?

2022-09-26 0

Acorns are the subject of a number of culinary mysteries, and many people are not sure whether the nuts are edible or poisonous. Here is what acorns are all about and whether you should enjoy […]