Strong power sources from nature

2022-10-12 0

When the days get shorter and shorter in fall, many people feel tired and powerless. Here are natural sources for more energy and vitality. The herbs of the Druids Vervain was considered a probable cure-all […]

A kid playing on an old trunk

Natural pharmacy for children

2022-09-14 0

Autumn is the time of the infections. Children are particularly affected by cold, cough or sore throat, because their defense still gathers strength. These gentle remedies help. The last persistent cough has just resolvednase and […]

sprouted potatoes
Gardening advice & tips

Sprouted potatoes: can you still eat them?

2022-07-27 0

When potatoes sprout, many are unsure whether they can still be eaten. Here is when it is better to refrain from eating them. Sprouting potatoes are not uncommon in vegetable storage. If the tubers are […]

women health

Natural remedies for women

2022-04-19 0

For centuries, healing women know which herbs can help. We gathered some knowledge of these old home remedies. Alpine dairymaiden, peasant women, midwives and herbwifes used to make teas, ointments, tinctures and other remedies that […]

Flowers of mustard

Mustard – cultivated plant with healing effect

2022-04-04 0

For most, mustard is a condiment that accompanies sausages and gives sauces a tasty spiciness. But some also appreciate the curative properties of the tried-and-tested home remedy. Yes, that is mustard. With its beautiful yellow […]

Some herbs are useful for natural wraps
Do it yourself

Natural wraps and compresses

2022-03-18 0

Pads, compresses and wraps are very old (home) remedies that have been proven for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates (460-370 BC) and Galenas of Pergamon (129-199), the famous doctors of antiquity, describe the effect of […]