Mediterranean cuisine is varied and healthy

Mediterranean cuisine: delicious and healthy food

2023-08-01 0

Welcome, gastronomes and food enthusiasts, to a captivating exploration of Mediterranean cuisine – a culinary odyssey that tantalizes taste buds and nourishes the body and soul. In this voyage of flavor, we shall delve into […]

Watermelon Seeds
Green Living

Watermelon seeds: A shame for the trash can

2023-07-17 0

Did you know that those tiny watermelon seeds you often discard without a second thought are actually a hidden treasure? It’s time to reconsider their worth and stop treating them as mere waste. In this […]


Strong power sources from nature

2022-10-12 0

When the days get shorter and shorter in fall, many people feel tired and powerless. Here are natural sources for more energy and vitality. The herbs of the Druids Vervain was considered a probable cure-all […]

A kid playing on an old trunk

Natural pharmacy for children

2022-09-14 0

Autumn is the time of the infections. Children are particularly affected by cold, cough or sore throat, because their defense still gathers strength. These gentle remedies help. The last persistent cough has just resolvednase and […]

sprouted potatoes
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Sprouted potatoes: can you still eat them?

2022-07-27 0

When potatoes sprout, many are unsure whether they can still be eaten. Here is when it is better to refrain from eating them. Sprouting potatoes are not uncommon in vegetable storage. If the tubers are […]