Grilling carrots
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Grilling carrots: The best tips and recipe

2021-08-18 0

Carrots are among the most popular root vegetables and are very healthy. They contain beta-carotenoids, fiber and vitamins, and on top of that they taste good. Particularly refined are marinated and grilled carrots, which enrich […]

Dragon fruit

7 plants with bizarre fruits

2021-07-20 0

Nature always manages to surprise us, with idiosyncratic growth forms, unique flowers or bizarre fruits. In the following, there are seven plants that are particularly out of the ordinary. These plants have bizarre fruits Bird’s […]

Edible flowers: Daisy

Edible flowers: Welcome to the flower kitchen

2021-07-16 0

Anyone who has tried them will quickly acquire a taste for them, in the truest sense of the word: edible flowers not only visually enrich salads, main dishes and desserts, but also give the dishes […]

Green tomatoes

Green tomatoes: How dangerous are they?

2021-07-06 0

The fact is that unripe tomatoes contain the alkaloid solanine, which occurs in many nightshade plants, including potatoes, for example. During the ripening process, the alkaloid is gradually broken down in the fruit. Only very […]

You can use dyeing plants for dyeing fabrics
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The best dyeing plants for dyeing fabrics

2021-07-05 0

What are actually dyeing plants? Basically, dyes are found in all plants: not only in the colorful flowers, but also in leaves, stems, barks and roots. It is only during cooking and extraction that one […]

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Prepare kohlrabi: This is how it tastes best

2021-07-02 0

When growing and preparing kohlrabi, most recipes focus on the thickened shoot axis, which grows above ground. Light green varieties usually taste mild and slightly sweet, while specimens with blue or purple skins often develop […]

Frozen currants
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How to freeze currants

2021-07-01 0

Freezing currants is a great way to preserve the delicious fruit. Both red currants (Ribes rubrum) and black currants (Ribes nigrum) can be stored in the freezer for between ten and twelve months, as can […]