Arugula (rocket)
Green Living

Store arugula: How to keep it fresh for a long time

2021-05-28 0

Arugula (Eruca sativa), or rocket, is a fine-crunchy, tender, vitamin-rich and slightly bitter salad that has long been considered a delicacy among vegetable lovers. However, after harvest or purchase, arugula, also known as rocket, should […]

Wild herbs
Do it yourself

Identify, harvest and prepare wild herbs

2021-05-26 0

Collecting wild herbs is in vogue, either on a foray through the field, forest or meadow. Some people see wild plants only as weeds. Connoisseurs use the vital substance-rich wild herbs for healthy cooking. Especially […]

A balcony garden with some herbs
Gardening advice & tips

6 organic tips for the balcony garden

2021-05-24 0

More and more people want to manage their own balcony garden sustainably. After all, organic gardening is good for the urban climate and biodiversity, saves us money and improves our ecological footprint. Here are some […]

Tawny mining bee
Do it yourself

Create nesting aid for mining bees

2021-05-06 0

About three-quarters of our wild bees prefer a place on the ground. With these step-by-step instructions, you can succeed in building a nesting box for mining bees. If you want to do something good for […]

A robin sitting on a twif
Do it yourself

A natural nesting aid for robins

2021-04-23 0

A nesting aid for robins is a good way to actively support the birds in your own garden. For many hobby gardeners, the robin is their favorite gardening companion anyway: the trusting songbird often comes […]

Making your own hazelnut milk is really easy
Do it yourself

Make your own hazelnut milk: It’s that easy

2021-04-16 0

Hazelnut milk is a vegan alternative to cow’s milk that is becoming increasingly common on supermarket shelves. But you can also easily make the nutty plant milk yourself. Here is a recipe for hazelnut milk, […]

A tiny bee house
Do it yourself

Making nesting supports for wild bees

2021-04-13 0

Due to increasing industrialization, wild bees are finding fewer and fewer sources of food and suitable nesting sites. With this homemade nesting aid you help the useful insects to settle in your garden. To ensure […]