Tea flowers
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Tea flowers: The new trend from Asia

2021-09-10 0

Tea flower – the name now appears in more and more tea stores and online stores. But what is it all about? At first glance, the dried bundles and flower balls from Asia appear rather […]

Minipig with piglet
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How to keep minipigs in the garden

2021-09-01 0

Minipigs are all the rage and more and more private individuals are flirting with the idea of keeping a small pig in their home or garden. Especially the small breeds find more and more lovers […]

Bottle garden with biophytum
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Bottle garden: Small ecosystem in a glass

2021-08-30 0

The great thing about a bottle garden is that it’s basically completely autonomous, and once you’ve created it, it can last for many years without you having to lift a finger. As sunlight (outside) and […]

Do it yourself

How to make washing powder from chestnuts yourself

2021-08-26 0

Chestnuts are not only good for autumn decoration, but are also ideal for making an environmentally friendly detergent. However, only the chestnuts of the horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) are suitable for this purpose. The fruits […]

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Preserving gooseberries: Tips and recipes

2021-08-19 0

In order to be able to enjoy the sweet and sour aroma of gooseberries beyond the harvest season, the preserving and canning of the fruits has proven its worth. Since gooseberries, like their closely related […]

Grilling carrots
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Grilling carrots: The best tips and recipe

2021-08-18 0

Carrots are among the most popular root vegetables and are very healthy. They contain beta-carotenoids, fiber and vitamins, and on top of that they taste good. Particularly refined are marinated and grilled carrots, which enrich […]