Do it yourself

How to make washing powder from chestnuts yourself

2021-08-26 0

Chestnuts are not only good for autumn decoration, but are also ideal for making an environmentally friendly detergent. However, only the chestnuts of the horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) are suitable for this purpose. The fruits […]

Do it yourself

Preserving gooseberries: Tips and recipes

2021-08-19 0

In order to be able to enjoy the sweet and sour aroma of gooseberries beyond the harvest season, the preserving and canning of the fruits has proven its worth. Since gooseberries, like their closely related […]

Grilling carrots
Do it yourself

Grilling carrots: The best tips and recipe

2021-08-18 0

Carrots are among the most popular root vegetables and are very healthy. They contain beta-carotenoids, fiber and vitamins, and on top of that they taste good. Particularly refined are marinated and grilled carrots, which enrich […]

Dragon fruit

7 plants with bizarre fruits

2021-07-20 0

Nature always manages to surprise us, with idiosyncratic growth forms, unique flowers or bizarre fruits. In the following, there are seven plants that are particularly out of the ordinary. These plants have bizarre fruits Bird’s […]

Edible flowers: Daisy

Edible flowers: Welcome to the flower kitchen

2021-07-16 0

Anyone who has tried them will quickly acquire a taste for them, in the truest sense of the word: edible flowers not only visually enrich salads, main dishes and desserts, but also give the dishes […]