Garden lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus)
Legume / Pea / Bean family

Garden lupin – info, planting, care and tips

2021-04-02 0

The cultivations of garden lupin leave nothing to be desired in terms of color and design. With these tips for planting and care, the flower will also thrive in your garden. Profile of garden lupin: […]

Galega (Galega officinalis)

Galega – planting, care and tips

2020-11-30 2

Thanks to its loose structure and delicately colored flowers, the galega charms with a playful lightness. Find here tips for planting and care. Profile of galega: Scientific name: Galega officinalis Plant family: legume family (Fabaceae) […]

Spring pea (Lathyrus vernus)
Legume / Pea / Bean family

Spring pea – planting, care and tips

2020-10-05 0

The spring pea heralds spring with its special flowers. This is how planting and care in the garden succeed. Profile of spring pea: Scientific name: Lathyrus vernus Plant family: legume, pea, or bean family (Fabaceae) […]