Fernleaf peony (Paeonia tenuifolia)
Peony family

Fernleaf peony – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-06 4

The purple red flowers and finely slit foliage make the fernleaf peony a special perennial. This is how planting and care are successful. Profile of fernleaf peony: Scientific name: Paeonia tenuifolia Plant family: peony family […]

Peony (Paeonia officinalis
Peony family

Peony – planting, care and tips

2020-10-30 0

In May peonies are the absolute stars in the bed and inspire with opulent flowers. Here you can read everything you need to know about planting and maintaining peonies. Profile of peony: Scientific name: Paeonia […]

Common peony
Peony family

Common peony – planting, care and tips

2020-10-05 0

The common peony transforms the garden into a blossom paradise in May and June. How to plant and care for Paeonia officinalis. Profile of common peony: Scientific name: Paeonia officinalis Plant family: peony family (Paeoniaceae) […]