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Cutting blackberries: This is how to do

2023-01-20 0

If you don’t want a dense tangle of twigs and a meager harvest, sooner rather than later, you need to prune and raise your blackberries properly. With blackberries in the spring cut off all the […]

making own potting compost
Do it yourself

Make your own potting compost: This is how it’s done

2023-01-16 0

Potting compost, also known as seeding compost, provides seeds and cuttings with optimal conditions for germination and growth. Here is how you can easily make the substrate yourself. Many gardeners swear by homemade potting compost. […]

rhododendron flowering in spring
Gardening advice & tips

Rhododendron care: the most common mistakes

2023-01-12 0

Caring for rhododendrons requires a little flair. If you avoid these mistakes, nothing will stand in the way of a lush abundance of blooms. Rhododendron is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs in the […]

ladybug like to eat aphids
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Fighting aphids: the best home remedies

2022-12-15 0

Aphids often appear out of nowhere in spring and attack the young leaves and shoots of many plants with their piercing-sucking mouthparts. Here are some home remedies that can help against aphid infestation. Aphids: appearance, […]

earthworms support humus rich soils
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How to build up humus in the garden

2022-12-14 0

The secret of healthy, vigorous plants is a high humus content in the soil. Here you can find out why humus is so important in the garden, how you can build up humus and why […]

strawberries on straw
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Underlay strawberries with straw and mulch

2022-12-13 0

If you want to harvest clean fruit, bed your strawberries on straw. Mulching helps to avoid gray mold, but it also has disadvantages. Strawberries are originally residents of the edge of the forest. Therefore, by […]

Lamb's lettuce
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Winter vegetables: These species are frost-hardy

2022-12-12 0

Winter vegetables provide valuable vitamins and minerals during the cold season. Here you can read which frost-hardy vegetables can also be harvested at freezing temperatures. Thanks to winter vegetables, you don’t have to do without […]