A squirrel at a feeding site in the garden
Gardening advice & tips

This is how you attract squirrels to the garden

2021-10-12 0

Squirrels are welcome guests in the garden at any time of year. However, the furry rodents are only attracted to the vicinity of humans when they cannot find enough food in the forest. Squirrels inhabit […]

Flying ants
Gardening advice & tips

Flying ants: Harmless or dangerous

2021-08-17 0

Winged ants are an unusual phenomenon and raise many questions. Some people even raise alarm bells and are worried whether the winged crawlers can harm them. When the creepy insects appear en masse, it’s easy […]

Sage leaves
Gardening advice & tips

This is how to properly harvest sage

2021-08-12 0

Whether as an ingredient in Mediterranean dishes or as a soothing tea, sage (Salvia officinalis) in particular has many uses. However, in order to enjoy fully aromatic leaves, a few points should be observed when […]

Tangerine (Citrus reticulata)
Gardening advice & tips

Repotting citrus plants: This is how it’s done

2021-07-19 0

Citrus plants should be repotted in the spring before new shoots appear or in early summer when the first year’s shoots are established. Newly purchased citrus plants such as tangerines, oranges and lemon trees also […]

Vegetables in basket
Gardening advice & tips

Snack garden: Big harvest in a small area

2021-07-13 0

Are you dreaming of a snack garden and would like to grow spicy herbs, tasty vegetables and sweet fruits, even if you only have a sunny corner of the garden and a few boxes and […]

A pumpkin in the garden
Gardening advice & tips

This is how you plant pumpkin

2021-07-06 0

Pumpkins are one of the most impressive fruit vegetable species in the vegetable garden. Hardly any other vegetable presents itself in so many shapes, colors and flavors. In addition, some representatives of the heat-loving cucurbits […]

Do it yourself

Prepare kohlrabi: This is how it tastes best

2021-07-02 0

When growing and preparing kohlrabi, most recipes focus on the thickened shoot axis, which grows above ground. Light green varieties usually taste mild and slightly sweet, while specimens with blue or purple skins often develop […]

Gardening advice & tips

Tips about mulching

2021-06-29 0

A thick cover of mulch protects the soil, prevents weeds from growing and provides food for beneficial creatures in the soil. If you know the properties of the different materials, you can use them in […]