potatoes fresh from the garden
Gardening advice & tips

Tips for harvesting potatoes

2022-07-22 0

When should you harvest potatoes? Here is how you can tell if the tubers in your garden are ripe and how to get them out of the ground undamaged. Harvesting potatoes depends not only on […]

sweet cherry tree
Do it yourself

Pruning a cherry tree: This is how it’s done

2022-07-21 0

Cherry trees are among the most vigorous growing fruit trees in the garden. Therefore, to slow down growth and increase fruitfulness, you should prune your cherry tree at the right time. Cherry trees display vigorous […]

green leaf lettuce
Gardening advice & tips

Why does the lettuce bolt?

2022-07-20 0

Have you ever wondered why your lettuce suddenly shoots up in the summer? Here’s what’s behind it, and here’s how you can prevent it. Lettuce from your own garden is a delight. If you plant […]

enjoy your garden
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Making the garden easy to care for

2022-07-18 0

The more low-maintenance the garden is designed, the more time there is to dream and enjoy. Here is what to consider when you want to create a garden that is little work. Is it really […]

Gardening advice & tips

Blueberries: Tips for a good harvest

2022-07-14 0

If you cultivate blueberries in your own garden, you can enjoy aromatic fruits from your own harvest year after year. Here are tips on how to grow them successful. If you can’t get enough of […]

Garden planning

Planting gooseberries – This is how to do it

2022-07-13 0

Healthy, delicious and easy to care for in the right location, gooseberries are popular for a reason. However, everyone should follow these tips when growing gooseberries. Gooseberries love loose, fresh and nutritious soil, as well […]

red currant
Do it yourself

Properly cut currants – Getting the highest yield

2022-07-12 0

Currants produce the highest yields when they are pruned immediately after harvest in summer. Here is how to prune currants professionally. Currants are very hardy and easy to cultivate berry bushes and a real magic […]

cutting roses with a garden shear
Gardening advice & tips

Should you cut faded roses?

2022-07-11 0

Should you cut faded roses? Basically, the answer is yes, because many varieties bloom several times during the gardening season. However, there are exceptions. Let’s start with a basic and important distinction of roses: there […]

banana peel can be used as a fertilizer in the garden
Gardening advice & tips

Banana peels as fertilizer

2022-07-08 0

Banana peels are actually much too good for the organic waste garbage can. When properly prepared, they make an excellent fertilizer for roses and houseplants. People eat an average of almost twelve kilograms of bananas […]