Green pepper
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Growing peppers: The 5 most common mistakes

2021-04-30 0

Whether yellow or red, elongated or roundish, mild or hot: peppers impress with an enormous variety. Peppers, hot peppers and chili peppers originated in Central and South America. To ensure that the heat-loving vegetable from […]

Pear blossom
Gardening advice & tips

Fruit trees How to ensure pollination

2021-04-19 0

Whether apple, sweet cherry or currant, almost all fruit trees and berry bushes depend on pollination by bees, bumblebees, hoverflies and other insects. If it is very cold in the spring during the flowering period […]

Asian vegetables can be grown in your garden, too.
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Grow your own Asian vegetables and Asian herbs

2021-04-14 0

If you love Asian cuisine, then you should start your own Asian vegetable garden. Whether it’s pak choi, wasabi or coriander, you can grow the most important types in a garden bed or in a […]

Cherry blossom in April
Gardening advice & tips

Gardening in April – Things to do

2021-03-22 0

Gardeners already have their hands full in April. Because in this month, seeds are diligently sown and planted, laying the foundation for a successful season in the kitchen garden. Here is what needs to be […]

Pampas grass

Cut back pampas grass: Tips for pruning

2021-02-25 0

For several years, ornamental grasses have come back into fashion. They embellish front gardens and balconies in their own, very special way. First and foremost, there is a great demand for representatives of the genus […]

Snowdrops in the snow

Gardening in March – Things to do

2021-02-23 0

In March, spring is approaching, and with it the gardening of the new season. However, the right time to start gardening depends on the regional climate. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional, […]