vines on an espalier
Gardening advice & tips

How to properly espalier and prune vines

2022-09-05 0

A vine looks good in any garden, even if the climate is not ideal. If you prune the climbing shrubs correctly, you can still get a good harvest. Grapevines are becoming increasingly popular as garden […]

staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina)
Gardening advice & tips

Tips to keep rampant plants in control

2022-09-01 0

Every hobby gardener has probably experienced this: the once little plant turns out to be a real weed after just a few years. But there are a few good tricks to keep rampant plants in […]

Gardening advice & tips

How to remove bamboo: hard work, but not hopeless

2022-08-30 0

Removing a bamboo again is something for the patient in species with strong runner formation. With these tips, you can get rid of the annoying bamboo runners for good. Bamboo looks pretty all year round […]

wooden bench in a garden
Do it yourself

Tips for sustainable gardening

2022-08-26 0

An intact environment is a gift, in the garden we can do a lot to protect our nature, promote biodiversity, avoid waste and conserve resources. Here are tips for sustainable gardening. Anyone who is an […]

herbs ready for planting
Garden planning

Planting herbs: This is how it succeeds

2022-08-25 0

Planting herbs: This is how it succeeds DtTitel SEO-Title: EngTitel – Recipe SEO-Beschreibung: There’s a herb for everything, as the saying goes. Conversely, however, herbs only grow if you plant them in the right place […]

onions after harvesting
Gardening advice & tips

Harvesting onions: When is the right time?

2022-08-24 0

To make onions last long in winter storage, don’t harvest them too early. Don’t make these mistakes when harvesting edible onions. Growing onions (Allium cepa) requires a little patience, because from sowing to harvesting takes […]

poppy ready to harvest
Gardening advice & tips

Collecting flower seeds for next year

2022-08-22 0

When flowers in your garden fade and the seeds ripen, it’s the best time to take care of next year’s plant offspring. Here’s what you should keep in mind when harvesting and collecting flower seeds. […]

long bell pepper
Do it yourself

Harvesting peppers: This is how to do it

2022-08-19 0

When are peppers ripe for harvesting? How do you take them off in a plant-friendly way? And especially important in the fall: How can unripe peppers be ripened? Here you will find the answers about […]