ladybug like to eat aphids
Gardening advice & tips

Fighting aphids: the best home remedies

2022-12-15 0

Aphids often appear out of nowhere in spring and attack the young leaves and shoots of many plants with their piercing-sucking mouthparts. Here are some home remedies that can help against aphid infestation. Aphids: appearance, […]

earthworms support humus rich soils
Gardening advice & tips

How to build up humus in the garden

2022-12-14 0

The secret of healthy, vigorous plants is a high humus content in the soil. Here you can find out why humus is so important in the garden, how you can build up humus and why […]

strawberries on straw
Gardening advice & tips

Underlay strawberries with straw and mulch

2022-12-13 0

If you want to harvest clean fruit, bed your strawberries on straw. Mulching helps to avoid gray mold, but it also has disadvantages. Strawberries are originally residents of the edge of the forest. Therefore, by […]

Lamb's lettuce
Gardening advice & tips

Winter vegetables: These species are frost-hardy

2022-12-12 0

Winter vegetables provide valuable vitamins and minerals during the cold season. Here you can read which frost-hardy vegetables can also be harvested at freezing temperatures. Thanks to winter vegetables, you don’t have to do without […]

oleander flowers
Gardening advice & tips

Pruning oleander: How to do it right

2022-12-09 0

Oleanders are beautiful flowering container plants for balconies and terraces, but they also need some care. Find out here how to prune oleander so that it stays beautiful for years to come. Oleander is a […]

pruning apple trees is important
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Tipps for pruning apple trees

2022-12-07 0

Whether a pyramid crown, spindle or columnar tree, here is how and when you need to prune an apple tree to ensure a rich harvest. To keep the apple tree healthy, strong and productive, you […]

raspberry plant
Do it yourself

How to prune raspberries: An easy tutorial

2022-12-05 0

If you don’t prune raspberries regularly, within a few years you’ll end up with a dense tangle of branches that yields very little. Here are instructions for pruning summer raspberries and autumn raspberries. The difference […]