common sage
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Which sage is hardy?

2022-12-02 0

If you think of sage only as annual summer flowers, you will be amazed. There are some species and varieties that are hardy and survive our winters well. Sage has a lot to offer gardeners. […]

To get a good harvest from your vegetable bed, it is necessary to take care of it for the witner
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Winterizing vegetable beds: this is how it’s done

2022-12-01 0

Gardeners will have more fun next spring with a winterized vegetable bed, because prepared soil saves some sweaty work. Here is how it’s done. Late autumn is the optimal time to winterize vegetable beds. This […]

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How to make peonies winterproof

2022-11-29 0

Although peonies are hardy, there is no getting around protective measures. This is especially true for the delicate shrub peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa). Freezing cold is not a problem for either perennial peonies or shrubby peonies. […]

bonsai tree
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Reasons why bonsai loses its leaves

2022-11-28 0

Bonsai are generally considered to be somewhat difficult housemates. Their care requires precise knowledge and if treated incorrectly, the miniature trees quickly drop their leaves and die. You can read about the reasons for this […]

clematis in a garden
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Tips for Clematis

2022-11-25 0

Clematis, also known as traveler’s joys, are flowering climbing shrubs, but are considered somewhat sensitive. Wrongly so: with these care tips, nothing will stand in the way of a flowering festival that will last for […]

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Best tips to overwinter agapanthus

2022-11-24 0

The blue or white flower balls of the agapanthus adorn balconies and terraces in summer. With these tips for overwintering, the exotic plant will bloom for years. Agapanthus, also known as African lilies, is one […]

strawberries in autumn
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How to successfully overwinter your strawberries

2022-11-23 0

Strawberries are overwintered differently depending on the species and variety. Whether they are grown outdoors or in pots also matters. Here you can read how to best get strawberries through the winter. Successfully overwinter strawberries […]

yellow coneflowers
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Do not cut these perennials in autumn

2022-11-22 0

Are you in the process of autumn cleaning in the perennial bed? Then be careful not to cut off all the plants. Especially pretty are the faded perennials when they are covered by snow and […]

earthworm piles on the lawn
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Earthworm piles on the lawn

2022-11-21 0

After rainfall, lawns on clayey soils are often littered with numerous piles. But what is behind this phenomenon and how can you prevent the heaps on the lawn? Anyone who walks across the lawn in […]

elephant grass
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Getting ornamental grasses through the winter well

2022-11-18 0

Most ornamental grasses in our gardens are hardy. But some of them still need some protection during the cold season. Here is what you need to know about wintering ornamental grasses in beds and pots. […]