yellow coneflowers
Gardening advice & tips

Do not cut these perennials in autumn

2022-11-22 0

Are you in the process of autumn cleaning in the perennial bed? Then be careful not to cut off all the plants. Especially pretty are the faded perennials when they are covered by snow and […]

earthworm piles on the lawn
Gardening advice & tips

Earthworm piles on the lawn

2022-11-21 0

After rainfall, lawns on clayey soils are often littered with numerous piles. But what is behind this phenomenon and how can you prevent the heaps on the lawn? Anyone who walks across the lawn in […]

elephant grass
Gardening advice & tips

Getting ornamental grasses through the winter well

2022-11-18 0

Most ornamental grasses in our gardens are hardy. But some of them still need some protection during the cold season. Here is what you need to know about wintering ornamental grasses in beds and pots. […]

couch grass
Gardening advice & tips

Successful control of couch grass

2022-11-17 0

Couch grass is one of the so-called root weeds in the garden, which are particularly difficult to control. However, with a little perseverance and the right technique, the wild grass can be controlled. Couch grass […]

Do it yourself

Grow your own bonsai: This is how it is done

2022-11-16 0

Bonsai are trees and shrubs that are grown to miniature size by pruning and caring for them in a shallow bowl over many years. The horticultural ambition to make the small trees look natural motivates […]

compost with lawn clippings; do not forget to put in some shrub cuttings
Gardening advice & tips

Making perfect compost from lawn clippings

2022-11-15 0

Do you also have the problem that lawn clippings do not decompose properly on your compost pile? Here is what you need to do to make sure it composts optimally. If you just throw your […]

Gardening advice & tips

Overwintering petunias: sensible or not?

2022-11-14 0

If you don’t want to give your petunias to the compost in autumn, you can also overwinter them. Important are the appropriate winter quarters and the right care. With these tips the overwintering of petunias […]

currant with red berries
Gardening advice & tips

Transplant currants: When and how to do it?

2022-11-11 0

Sometimes the place for a currant bush is not ideal, then it needs to change location. Here is what to consider for a successful move. Wrong place? Grown too big? A change of residence? There […]

Common peony
Gardening advice & tips

How to prune peonies correctly

2022-11-09 0

When it comes to cutting peonies, many amateur gardeners are unsure. Here is what you can cut and what is better to leave. Peonies are divided into herbaceous varieties and the so-called shrub peonies. These […]

Gardening advice & tips

Getting fuchsias through the winter well

2022-11-08 0

With their unique flowers and numerous color combinations, fuchsias are among the most popular container and bedding plants. Here is how to successfully overwinter these frost-sensitive flowering shrubs. With a few exceptions, the winters in […]