Vegetables for beginners
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Vegetables for beginners: These five types always succeed

2021-05-21 0

These five vegetable varieties are perfect for beginners and promise a rich and, above all, quick harvest. Even without a green thumb. Planting, watering and harvesting for beginners: even absolute garden greenhorns do not have […]

sweet corn cobs
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How to sow corn in the garden

2021-05-20 0

Corn sown in the garden has nothing to do with the forage corn on the fields. It is a different variety, sweet corn. The corn cobs are best for cooking, eaten out of hand with […]

Young bush beans in the bed
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Sowing beans: This is how it succeeds

2021-05-17 0

Garden beans include bush beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), which have a fairly short growing season of no more than four months, runner beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), which climb high and, like bush beans, require heat, and climbing […]

Potting soil with tomato seedling
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Can old potting soil still be used

2021-05-05 0

Whether in bags or in the flower box, with the start of the planting season, the question always arises whether the old potting soil from the previous year can still be used. Under certain conditions […]

Green pepper
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Growing peppers: The 5 most common mistakes

2021-04-30 0

Whether yellow or red, elongated or roundish, mild or hot: peppers impress with an enormous variety. Peppers, hot peppers and chili peppers originated in Central and South America. To ensure that the heat-loving vegetable from […]