Healthy fall fruits

A bunch of rosehips

The fully ripe fruits of hawthorn, blackthorn, chestnut etc. are now enticingly illuminating us in the colorfully colored foliage of the trees and shrubs. Nutrition experts use the rich harvest for preparations that boost the immune system and make it fit for the winter.

Rich harvest from field, forest & garden

It could hardly be more convenient: We only need to take a few steps to collect the autumn fruits that we need for our recipes. Grapes, plums, chokeberry and rosehips grow in the garden, the fruits of hawthorn, sloe, seabuckthorn and horse-chestnut are found on a walk along the way. Anyone who is out and about with nature’s open eyes will easily discover these treasures. There is hardly any risk of confusion, but some shrubs protect themselves with sharp thorns. But the hard work for harvest really pays off: our native autumn fruits have many healthy ingredients that strengthen the immune system and make the organism fit for the cold season.

Valuable vitamins

Vitamin C, the enemy of all pathogens, is present in very high concentrations in the pretty orange berries of the seabuckthorn bush. When picking the fully ripe fruits, however, you must make sure that they do not burst and the valuable liquid runs out. Then they should be processed as quickly as possible – to juice, jelly, liqueur or cold honey. One can also eat it directly from the shrub because of its slightly sour and refreshing taste.

Sloes also have a high content of vitamins, but are barely consumable in their raw state: a high proportion of tannins gives them a very harsh aroma and leaves the food with a furry feeling in the mouth. But simmered to a mush, they taste very good. We can use the tannins outstanding for our health. They have astringent, soothing and regenerating properties and support us with the other active ingredients of the fruits for respiratory diseases as well as diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

Secondary plant substances

In addition to important vitamins, minerals and trace minerals many fall fruits contain so-called phytochemicals, which are responsible for their beautiful coloring. They protect the plant against predators and harmful environmental influences and also have a positive effect on our organism. Among other things, they can protect the cells, strengthen the immune system and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease – such as the red fruits of hawthorn, whose use for heart disease is scientifically recognized.

Good for veins and vessels

Finally, some handful of shiny horse-chestnuts are in our basket. These autumn fruits are not suitable for consumption. Although they have valuable ingredients that have astringent, decongestant and circulation-promoting properties and can wonderfully strengthen our entire vein and vascular system.

Rosehip: Colorful autumn tea

For colds and to strengthen the immune system.


  • rosehips
  • apple peels
  • pieces of plums
  • chokeberries
  • thyme
  • spearmint
  • cinnamon
  • star anise

in equal parts, all ingredients dried


  • chop with a mortar and mix the ingredients
  • pour 1 tbsp of this mixture in a mug
  • dash with boiling water
  • cover the tea for 10 minutes
  • drink in small sips


For cold and to strengthen the immune system as a cure drink 3 cups of this fall tea. Take a break of at least 2 weeks after 6 weeks of use.

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