Help yourself – That helps with exhaustion and tiredness

A woman being exhausted
A woman being exhausted

Fatigue, lack of concentration and bad mood are often the result of great tension. But how can you switch off and allow the body to recover, which it desperately needs?

Breathe in a good mood

Our nose is probably the most sensitive sensory organ. So we can change our soul state via the sense of smell.

Essential oils, heated in an aroma lamp, penetrate directly into the nervous system via the nose.

If you are looking for reassurance, you should use three to four lavender oil drops. Peppermint or rosemary oil drops have an invigorating effect.

Wake up

Exhausted? Then you probably lack minerals and vitamin C. Quick remedy creates the juice of the black elder. The high fruit sugar content of the sweet berry immediately raises the blood sugar level – a delicious reviver! Drinking a glass of elderberry juice every day, chases off spring fatigue and strengthens the heart and circulation. Incidentally, the juice of the black elder was already administered in the Middle Ages by Benedictine monks for a cold or kidney problems.

Superhero chives

Healthy supplemental food can also be grown at home on the windowsill or in the garden. The chives unfold its full power already in spring. Fresh, green and aromatic, the herb is a small home pharmacy. A delicious sandwich with chives makes you strong against stress and dispels listlessness and fatigue.

Fresh color

You eat with your eyes not only when food is of a particular color. The intense blue dyes that are contained in the blackberry, affect the entire organism. They promote brain activity and also support the supply of oxygen to the cells. Three times a day a blast of blackberry jam revitalizes body and soul.

For more and better concentration

An old saying goes: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And there’s something in it, because apples contain a lot of iron in addition to many other healthy substances. Iron deficiency makes you limp and distracted. Especially for children who can concentrate poorly, home-made applesauce is a good one and healthy dessert.

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