How to freeze green asparagus

Green asparagus
Green asparagus

Whether freshly harvested from the garden or bought from the weekly market: You can’t get enough of green asparagus (Asparagus officinalis). It not only tastes spicier and more aromatic than the white asparagus. Green asparagus also contains far more minerals, vitamins and valuable plant substances such as chlorophyll and beta-carotene than the white varieties, because it grows above ground and thus gets sunlight.

In addition, green asparagus is best for quick cooking. Stalks blanched in steam or salted water are already cooked after a few minutes. Green asparagus also tastes particularly delicious grilled or roasted. The only catch with asparagus is that its season is quite short, from mid-April to mid-June. Real asparagus fans ask themselves at this point: Can green asparagus be frozen? And if so, does it have to be peeled before freezing?

Freeze green asparagus: The most important facts in brief

Green asparagus will keep for six to eight weeks in the freezer. Here’s how: Wash the spears thoroughly and pat them dry. Then cut off the woody ends. Raw and unpeeled, the stalks, or cut into small pieces, go into suitable freezer containers. Then pack airtight and put asparagus in the freezer.

Can you freeze green asparagus? Tips for storage and purchase

Yes, you can freeze green asparagus without any problems. By the way, white asparagus is also suitable for this purpose. While green asparagus, wrapped in a damp cloth, will only keep for two to three days in the refrigerator, you can freeze it at -18 °C / -0,4 °F ​for six to eight months. It is important that the vegetables are as fresh as possible before freezing. After all, freshness determines the quality and taste of the asparagus.

If you buy green asparagus from the farmer or at the weekly market, you should therefore make sure that the cut surface is moist. You can easily recognize this with asparagus offered in boxes and chip baskets, but you can hardly check stalks wrapped in paper for this. In addition, the heads must be largely closed. If the tips of the shoots spread, the vegetable was cut too late and is usually woody in the lower part. And the stem end of fresh asparagus is also bright green or purple in color. Green asparagus with light ends has been cut too close to the rootstock and tastes bitter.

How to freeze green asparagus

If you have to be quick in the kitchen and want to enjoy fine asparagus, it’s best to use the green variety. Unlike white asparagus, you don’t have to peel it before cooking, grilling and the like. The vegetable also makes it easy for us to freeze. To prepare green asparagus, you should simply wash it thoroughly and pat it dry. In addition, cut off the woody ends with a sharp knife. You do not need to cook the asparagus before freezing. Otherwise it will lose its bite and aroma.

The raw asparagus stalks, or the asparagus cut into small pieces, are placed in suitable freezer containers. Then pack the can or bag as airtight as possible and put the whole thing in the freezer. Do not forget to write the freezing date on it. This is the only way to know exactly how long the asparagus has been frozen.

What is the best way to thaw green asparagus?

The best thing about preparing it: You don’t have to thaw green asparagus at all. Simply bring a pot of water, salt, sugar and a little butter to a boil. Then add the required amount of frozen asparagus and cook for about eight to twelve minutes. This way, it stays crisp while cooking and loses less of its vitamins and flavor.

Tip: You can tell the perfect time to cook asparagus by placing a spear on a fork and both ends should bend down a little.

Recipe idea: Alternatively, you can grill frozen green asparagus, again, without having to thaw it for a long time or boil it in water beforehand.

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