Medicinal plants against migraine and headache

Some medicinal plants can help against migraine and headache
Some medicinal plants can help against migraine and headache

When the skull throbs or there is a throbbing in the temples, quick help is needed. A good alternative to tablets are the right medicinal plants against migraine and headaches.

Many know it from their own experience: migraines and headaches have an enormous impact on everyday life. Especially those who suffer from them regularly can fight the discomfort with medicinal plants from nature.

A frequent trigger for the pressure behind the forehead is lack of fluids. Here, even a large glass of water, drunk slowly, brings relief. Very often, however, stress and the resulting tense muscles are the culprits. The best strategy for such tension headaches is relaxation. In addition to fresh air and techniques such as yoga, heat does a good job. A hot bath with lavender or rosemary oil, a grain pillow or moist warm compresses on the neck can then drive away the discomfort. It is said that tea made from guarana can even slow down migraines if drunk immediately at the onset of an attack. Responsible for the effect is the high content of caffeine. Unlike that in coffee, it is not supposed to irritate the stomach.

Also a good tip is peppermint oil, which you put on the temples. Tea also helps. Woodruff has proven itself, but you should not overdose. If you drink more than three cups a day, the effect of the herb is reversed. Lemon balm is especially recommended if the problems occur during weather changes. A tasty option is also an infusion made with ginger.

Unfortunately, in the case of severe migraine, there is often not much that can be done with natural remedies in acute cases. In prevention, however, the power of plants plays a major role. Butterbur extract is recommended. Good experiences make many one also with extract of featherfew. In addition to herbs, a good supply of magnesium is important as prophylaxis for all types of headache. This has been proven by numerous studies. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, wholemeal bread, oatmeal and nuts are rich in this mineral.

Acupressure for headaches

There are three main acupressure points on the head: the center of the bridge of the nose, which you press together with your thumb and forefinger. Also, you can press with your index fingers into the hollows behind your ears and then massage the pain points above your eyebrows. Press or massage for 15 to 30 seconds at a time. It is also very effective to press into the hollow between the thumb and index finger with the thumb of the other hand each time until it is slightly uncomfortable, and to hold this pressure for about two minutes. For tension in the neck that triggers headaches: press into the two hollows at the back of the head with your thumb or fingertips. You should put your head back, hold the position for about two minutes and breathe calmly.

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