Natural pharmacy for children

A kid playing on an old trunk
A kid playing on an old trunk

Autumn is the time of the infections. Children are particularly affected by cold, cough or sore throat, because their defense still gathers strength. These gentle remedies help.

The last persistent cough has just resolvednase and again the youngest runs the nose. Some mother would like to despair about the frequency with which her child suffers from colds and the fact that they go from one sibling to the other and back each time. Especially in fall in some young family the cold wave does not seem to want to break.

Care is important

Only patience helps. Children’s immune system needs time to become a powerful weapon against the mass of viruses and bacteria that it will have to fight for a lifetime. This process can not be accelerated. Each child has its own pace.

Juice of seabuckthorn or elderberry have a supportive effect, but it would be detrimental to want to influence the child’s organism with an alcohol extract from the popular coneflower (Echinacea). Such remedies are reserved for adults, and naturopathy for children follows its own rules, which should be known and observed. This also requires close observation, because not every medicinal plant is suitable for every child.

Even against commonly used herbs such as chamomile or aniseed and fennel, immune responses are possible for children. If you really want to use gentle medicine for the well-being of a child, care is essential. Children usually respond very well to naturopathic procedures and some simple home remedies have been proven for the youngest generations.

A warm potato wrap, for example, can provide a strong impulse to activate the self-healing powers. It takes some experience and empathy to figure out how often a child needs such an impulse. It is equally important to try to find out which remedy is best for the child.

With some, parents usually do not go wrong:

Cold tea with mallow, sage or lime blossom, for example, mixed with blackberry and raspberry leaves for a rounder taste. This has almost always a beneficial effect for cough, sore throat or fever. Like the lemon drink, they are therefore firmly anchored in the children’s pharmacy of every family. The active ingredients of the onion, as juice, extract or in the bag against earache, help as well as always and without surprises.

Watch the effect

However, when using home remedies for children, be cautious and consider their complex effects. Wraps, for example, should never be too hot for children, best tested on a sensitive skin area yourself. Do not underestimate the warmth that can be stored in a potato, or the intense appeal of the acidity of a lemon wrap.

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