Lavender tea
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How to make lavender tea yourself

2021-10-21 0

Lavender tea has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, lavender tea has a relaxing and calming effect on the entire organism. It is considered a proven home remedy and is used […]

Dandelion tea
Do it yourself

Make dandelion tea yourself

2021-09-28 0

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) from the daisy family (Asteraceae) is often considered a weed. However, like many of the plants labeled as weeds, the dandelion is a valuable medicinal plant that contains many healthy ingredients. For […]

Dandelion salad

Dandelion salad: the best recipes

2021-09-20 0

Regardless of its status as an unpopular garden weed, dandelion is an extremely healthy and digestible leafy vegetable and a good contribution to a healthy diet. Freshly harvested and given a fine marinade, the wild […]

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Watercress salad with sweet potato – Recipe

2021-08-24 0

The flavors in this salad are as colorful as the plate: spicy herbs, mild vegetables, the subtle spiciness of shallots, strong goat cheese and, to top it off, crunchy pumpkin seeds. Ingredients for the recipe […]

Do it yourself

Preserving gooseberries: Tips and recipes

2021-08-19 0

In order to be able to enjoy the sweet and sour aroma of gooseberries beyond the harvest season, the preserving and canning of the fruits has proven its worth. Since gooseberries, like their closely related […]