Save money with an allotment garden

An allotment garden
An allotment garden

The city dweller’s oasis is the allotment garden, and not just because an allotment garden saves money. With skyrocketing real estate prices, it has become almost impossible to afford the luxury of a home garden in a larger city. But because many families, especially young ones, are once again attaching more importance to time out in the countryside and, not least, to healthy, fresh food from their own gardens, allotment gardens on the outskirts of the city are all the rage.

The advantages of an allotment garden are manifold. For some, the main focus is on the kitchen garden and growing their own fruit and vegetables. Others create a garden of well-being to escape the city and treat themselves and their family and friends to a healthy break. Either way, an allotment garden can save you money and improve your quality of life at the same time.

Saving money with the allotment

The prices of foodstuffs rise by a few percent every year This is hardly noticeable for individual purchases, but if you look at the development over several years, you quickly realize that it can be worthwhile to cover at least part of your own needs.

In 2017, the German newspaper “Die Welt” published an article on global food expenditure per capita. With food expenditure amounting to 10.3 percent of monthly income, Germans are still among the countries that pay comparatively little money for food. This is partly explained by the fierce price and competition among the various food discounters. In the US, Canada and the UK it is even below that.

To get a concrete idea of these figures, the values of both statistics mentioned were combined: As a basis, an income of 2,000 net is taken. This gives a food expenditure of around 206 per month and 2472 per year. If the annual price increase of three percent is added, this would result in an increase of around 75 for the following year.

The question remains how much money one can actually save with an allotment garden. A working group therefore carried out a concept study using a 321 square meter / 3455 sq ft experimental garden to determine the annual yield of fruit, vegetables and herbs, and came up with an equivalent value of a whopping 1120. If you subtract the materials needed to maintain the garden, you still have 710 left over that you can save per year with an allotment garden.

Recreation in the allotment garden is priceless

A value that cannot be backed up with figures, but which is no less valuable, is the recreation factor of an allotment garden. Here you can find a place of retreat where you can unwind and get away from the stress of everyday life. Moreover, here you can meet with family and friends and spend a nice time in the green – simply priceless.

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