Strong power sources from nature

Stonehenge - Druids knew many useful herbs

When the days get shorter and shorter in fall, many people feel tired and powerless. Here are natural sources for more energy and vitality.

The herbs of the Druids

Vervain was considered a probable cure-all for all diseases, and should even give immortality. Therefore, the Roman soldiers bathed before a battle in its brew to make themself invulnerable. The mistletoe was also very much appreciated at the time. Through their valuable ingredients such as various proteins, many different enzymes, fats, flavonoids and plenty of potassium and phosphate preparations from this medicinal plant strengthen the organism and the immune system.

The third herb is angelica. Its root promotes digestion, fires the metabolism and the immune system, activates liver and bile and detoxifies the pancreas. Centuries ago, angelica was also the favorite herb of the miners: they used it to prevent disintegration of strength and states of exhaustion.

Mixing these three herbs create a wonderful energizing potion.

Vitalising herbs

As a cure, one can drink two cups of tree or herbal tea every day. Both compounds contain urinary and sweat-inducing and blood-purifying agents that activate the excretion of stressing and energy-depleting substances. In addition, they strengthen the cardiovascular system, promote blood circulation, improve cell metabolism, bring the digestion back into balance and thus contribute to the vitalization and strengthening of the organism.

Roots used in fall

Nutrition plays a particularly important role: Industrially produced foods seldom manage without flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, preservatives and many other additives that pollute the body and thus reduce its performance. It is therefore advisable to cook with natural ingredients as often as possible. Now in the fall, most plants pull their strength back into the roots. If we use them increasingly for our wholefood diet, we have already made a considerable contribution to health and well-being as well as to our energy balance. Therefore, carrots, turnips, topinambour, beetroot, potato & Co. have been the staple food in the winter months since time immemorial.

Those who want to keep their momentum should not only eat a wholefood diet, but also move a lot – preferably in the fresh air, in order to additionally soak up the sun. This is especially important now, because in the dark season, the pineal gland in the brain increasingly releases the “tiredness” hormone melatonin. It does not have to be a complete jogging session every day. Already brisk walking for just under ten minutes brings the organism on tours. Especially when you sit for hours at the desk. Such a short walk not only raises the energy level for just over two hours, but also boosts creativity.

Emergency aid for tiredness

An immediate measure that helps for fatigue and concentration problems, is the Kneipp armbath. But even more is to take a short nap after lunch: 15 to 20 minutes of mini-sleep are very healthy. Researchers have shown in studies that this protects against heart attack, strengthens memory and increases performance.

Instructions for a cold arm bath

  • A good time for Kneipp’s arm bath is the late morning or early afternoon – and simply when needed.
  • Fill the sink with cold water (12 to 18 °C / 54 to 64 °F)
  • In the beginning your arms and hands should be warm. If the hands are already cold anyway, it is strongly recommended not to use a cold bath. They indicate circulatory problems that could become worse with cold water
  • Now dip your arms into the water up to the middle of the upper arms until a feeling of coldness is felt (about 30 to 40 seconds)
  • Meanwhile, breathe deeply and deeply
  • Then gently strip the water off the arms
  • Now, reheating: put on clothes and swing your arms

Watch out

For angina pectoris and organic heart disease, you should handle the cold arm bath carefully.


Before you strip the water off your arms, you can gently wet your neck with it. This is especially refreshing, because here lies the cardiovascular and respiratory center.

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