compost with lawn clippings; do not forget to put in some shrub cuttings
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Making perfect compost from lawn clippings

2022-11-15 0

Do you also have the problem that lawn clippings do not decompose properly on your compost pile? Here is what you need to do to make sure it composts optimally. If you just throw your […]

Snowdrops in the snow

Gardening in March – Things to do

2021-02-23 0

In March, spring is approaching, and with it the gardening of the new season. However, the right time to start gardening depends on the regional climate. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional, […]

Ripe compost soil

How to properly use compost in the garden

2021-02-05 0

Compost is one of the top fertilizers among gardeners because it is particularly rich in humus and nutrients, and also completely natural. A few shovels of mixed compost provide your garden plants with sufficient amounts […]

Garden shear on a log
Gardening advice & tips

Gardening in February – Things to do

2021-01-28 0

In February, slowly but surely, the first gardening tasks fall into place. To ensure that the new garden season is a complete success, you should start laying the foundations for it now.. You can already […]