cucumber plants in a green house
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How to properly water cucumbers

2022-07-26 0

In order for cucumbers to grow well and produce beautiful fruit, they need to be watered regularly. Here are some of the most important tips for watering this healthy and popular vegetable. Cucumbers belong to […]

cucumber disease
Gardening advice & tips

Cucumbers: tips against diseases and pests

2022-06-24 0

If you grow cucumbers, you have to expect that diseases and pests can spread from time to time. Here you can find out how to recognize and combat them. Anyone who grows vegetable in a […]

Climbing aid for cucumbers
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Climbing aids for cucumbers: This is important

2022-06-23 0

Cucumbers want to reach high, but for this they depend on climbing aids both in the greenhouse and outdoors. Here is what you need to know about which climbing aids are particularly suitable for cucumbers […]