raspberry plant
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How to prune raspberries: An easy tutorial

2022-12-05 0

If you don’t prune raspberries regularly, within a few years you’ll end up with a dense tangle of branches that yields very little. Here are instructions for pruning summer raspberries and autumn raspberries. The difference […]

staghorn sumac
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How to cut staghorn sumac correctly

2022-10-20 0

Staghorn sumac grow quickly and tend to sprout. If the tree grows too large, becomes bare or consists of a dense tangle of branches, you need to prune it. Here is how to prune staghorn […]

cherry laurel
Gardening advice & tips

How to cut cherry laurel properly

2022-08-01 0

Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is a popular hedge plant because it grows quickly and quickly forms opaque hedges. To keep it in shape, you should cut it back heavily in late winter or early spring. […]

red currant
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Properly cut currants – Getting the highest yield

2022-07-12 0

Currants produce the highest yields when they are pruned immediately after harvest in summer. Here is how to prune currants professionally. Currants are very hardy and easy to cultivate berry bushes and a real magic […]

cutting roses with a garden shear
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Should you cut faded roses?

2022-07-11 0

Should you cut faded roses? Basically, the answer is yes, because many varieties bloom several times during the gardening season. However, there are exceptions. Let’s start with a basic and important distinction of roses: there […]