clary sage (Salvia sclarea)

Clary sage – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-04 0

With the meter-high clary sage, you can bring eye-catching flower arrangements and spicy fragrance into the garden. This is how you plant and care for the biennial plant properly. This is the right way to […]

pink blossoms of verbena

Verbena – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-11-21 0

Verbena is a wild plant and is often confused with lemon verbena. The verbena also known as vervain is used in alternative medicine especially as a medicinal herb for complaints such as headache, depression or […]

a lungwort plant with purple flowers

Lungwort – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-09-26 0

Lungwort is one of the early flowering plants and opens its flowers in favorable weather already sometimes in February. The plant with the pretty flowers is a popular ornamental plant for some gardeners. The lungwort […]

Horehound flower

Horehound – characteristics, cultivation and use

2019-07-11 0

Horehound is a rather inconspicuous plant that originates from the Mediterranean area and is today widespread worldwide. Since ancient times, the common horehound is used as a medicinal plant. Until the early modern era, the […]