Also a small garden can be expensive
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Cheap gardening: tips for small budgets

2022-06-28 0

Why spend a lot of money, when many gardening activities and projects can be done without effort and high costs by simple means? These tips for small budgets make gardening more affordable. Every gardener knows […]

A watering can and a pitchfork made of metal
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Gardening without plastic

2021-05-25 0

Gardening without plastic is not so easy. When you think about it, a shocking number of materials used in planting, landscaping or gardening are plastic. From upcycling to reuse options: Her are a few tips […]

Garden shear on a log
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Gardening in February – Things to do

2021-01-28 0

In February, slowly but surely, the first gardening tasks fall into place. To ensure that the new garden season is a complete success, you should start laying the foundations for it now.. You can already […]