Sage leaves
Gardening advice & tips

This is how to properly harvest sage

2021-08-12 0

Whether as an ingredient in Mediterranean dishes or as a soothing tea, sage (Salvia officinalis) in particular has many uses. However, in order to enjoy fully aromatic leaves, a few points should be observed when […]

A strawberry plant with fruits
Gardening advice & tips

Caring for strawberries: Most common mistakes

2021-06-14 0

Strawberries from your own garden are one of the most popular fruits. The cultivation succeeds without any problems. However, if you have not had success so far, it may be due to these mistakes. Mistake […]

A peppermint plant
Gardening advice & tips

How to harvest mint correctly

2021-06-01 0

If you grow mint in your own garden, you can harvest it from spring to fall, whether for fresh peppermint tea, delicious cocktails or as a cooking ingredient. But where do you cut the mint, […]

Wild herbs
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Identify, harvest and prepare wild herbs

2021-05-26 0

Collecting wild herbs is in vogue, either on a foray through the field, forest or meadow. Some people see wild plants only as weeds. Connoisseurs use the vital substance-rich wild herbs for healthy cooking. Especially […]