Vegetable plants

Artichokes: Cultivation, care and harvest

2023-01-23 0

Artichokes are special vegetables not only because of their fine taste. As ornamental plants, they are also extraordinary phenomena that amaze garden lovers. Origin of the artichoke The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus subsp. scolymus) is a […]

Jerusalem artichoke in a bowl
Gardening advice & tips

How to harvest Jerusalem artichoke

2022-09-30 0

Jerusalem artichoke is popular as a “functional food” and healthy, high-fiber potato substitute. When it comes to growing vegetables, however, the question arises: when and how should you harvest Jerusalem artichokes? Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), […]

harvesting apples
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This is how apples are harvested and stored

2022-09-15 0

In autumn, apple trees bear plenty of fruit, but how are apples harvested as undamaged as possible so that they can be stored afterwards? Here are some tips on how to harvest and store apples. […]

onions after harvesting
Gardening advice & tips

Harvesting onions: When is the right time?

2022-08-24 0

To make onions last long in winter storage, don’t harvest them too early. Don’t make these mistakes when harvesting edible onions. Growing onions (Allium cepa) requires a little patience, because from sowing to harvesting takes […]

long bell pepper
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Harvesting peppers: This is how to do it

2022-08-19 0

When are peppers ripe for harvesting? How do you take them off in a plant-friendly way? And especially important in the fall: How can unripe peppers be ripened? Here you will find the answers about […]

a pumpkin after harvest
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How to harvest pumpkins properly

2022-08-17 0

know when and how to do it right. Here are some tips to ensure a successful harvest in the garden. The pumpkin harvest is coming up. Many questions arise: How to recognize the ripeness of […]

basil plants
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How to harvest and store basil properly

2022-08-12 0

To prevent the herb from dying right after you have bought it, you need to harvest and care for basil properly. Here is how to keep the plant for a long time, despite regular harvesting. […]

potatoes fresh from the garden
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Tips for harvesting potatoes

2022-07-22 0

When should you harvest potatoes? Here is how you can tell if the tubers in your garden are ripe and how to get them out of the ground undamaged. Harvesting potatoes depends not only on […]

Gardening advice & tips

Blueberries: Tips for a good harvest

2022-07-14 0

If you cultivate blueberries in your own garden, you can enjoy aromatic fruits from your own harvest year after year. Here are tips on how to grow them successful. If you can’t get enough of […]