earthworm piles on the lawn
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Earthworm piles on the lawn

2022-11-21 0

After rainfall, lawns on clayey soils are often littered with numerous piles. But what is behind this phenomenon and how can you prevent the heaps on the lawn? Anyone who walks across the lawn in […]

compost with lawn clippings; do not forget to put in some shrub cuttings
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Making perfect compost from lawn clippings

2022-11-15 0

Do you also have the problem that lawn clippings do not decompose properly on your compost pile? Here is what you need to do to make sure it composts optimally. If you just throw your […]

a lush green lawn
Do it yourself

Aerate: How to get oxygen into the lawn

2022-09-21 0

For a lawn to grow nice and thick and be lush green, you have to aerate it occasionally. So-called aerification loosens the soil, more oxygen reaches the roots and the lawn grasses thrive better. Here’s […]

lawn mower
Do it yourself

How to renew your lawn without digging up

2022-05-17 0

Your lawn is just a patch of moss and weeds? No problem: With these tips you can easily renew the lawn in one weekend – without digging up! Renewing an unkempt lawn is imagined by […]

Garden shear on a log
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Gardening in February – Things to do

2021-01-28 0

In February, slowly but surely, the first gardening tasks fall into place. To ensure that the new garden season is a complete success, you should start laying the foundations for it now.. You can already […]