autumn leaves
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Ways to use autumn leaves wisely

2022-10-05 0

The trees and shrubs are now shedding more and more leaves. In some gardens so much that garden owners simply dispose of the leaves with the household waste due to lack of space. But it’s […]

a lemon tree
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The lemon tree loses leaves? These are the causes

2022-08-18 0

Large-scale leaf drop indicates that something is wrong with the evergreen lemon tree. Then you should quickly check the conditions of cultivation to save the citrus plant. Lemon trees are one of the great favorites […]

A small olive tree
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Olive tree? These are the reasons why it loses leaves

2022-06-27 0

When the olive tree suddenly loses most of its leaves, it is usually a warning signal. Here’s how to find out what’s wrong with your Mediterranean plant. Olive trees (Olea europaea) are Mediterranean plants and […]