Romaine Lettuce
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Growing Romaine Lettuce: Tips and Tricks for Success

2023-05-08 0

The benefits of growing romaine lettuce in your garden Romaine lettuce, scientifically known as Lactuca sativa, is a type of lettuce that is widely cultivated in gardens and farms around the world. Growing romaine lettuce […]

Lollo Rosso Lettuce
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Growing Lollo Rosso Lettuce: From Seed to Salad Bowl

2023-04-06 0

Introduction to Lollo Rosso Lettuce Lollo Rosso is a delicious and nutritious variety of lettuce that is prized for its unique appearance and flavor. This curly-leaved lettuce adds color and texture to salads, and it […]

green leaf lettuce
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Why does the lettuce bolt?

2022-07-20 0

Have you ever wondered why your lettuce suddenly shoots up in the summer? Here’s what’s behind it, and here’s how you can prevent it. Lettuce from your own garden is a delight. If you plant […]

Cherry blossom in April
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Gardening in April – Things to do

2021-03-22 0

Gardeners already have their hands full in April. Because in this month, seeds are diligently sown and planted, laying the foundation for a successful season in the kitchen garden. Here is what needs to be […]