Canterbury bells (Campanula medium)
Bellflower family

Canterbury bells – info, planting, care and tips

2020-12-29 2

With its large, bell-shaped flowers, the Canterbury bells is a real enrichment for natural plantations and cottage gardens. Profile of Canterbury bells: Scientific name: Campanula medium Plant family: bellflower family (Campanulaceae) Other names: – Sowing […]

Snowdrop anemone (Anemone sylvestris)
Buttercup family

Snowdrop anemone – info, planting, care and tips

2020-12-14 0

The snowdrop anemone transforms light wooded edges and sunny beds into a sea of flowers. Here are tips for planting and caring for the spring bloomer. Profile of snowdrop anemone: Scientific name: Anemone sylvestris Plant […]

Large speedwell (Veronica teucrium)
Plantain family

Large speedwell – planting, care and tips

2020-11-27 0

The intense blue flowers of the large speedwell are not only very attractive to us, also numerous insects are crazy for them. Profile of large speedwell: Scientific name: Veronica teucrium Plant family: plantain family (Plantaginaceae) […]

Greek mullein (Verbascum olympicum)
Figwort family

Greek mullein – planting, care and tips

2020-11-12 1

Its richly branched, dense inflorescences on meter-high stems give the Greek mullein a majestic appearance. Profile of Greek mullein: Scientific name: Verbascum olympicum Plant family: figwort family (Scrophulariaceae) Other names: Olympic mullein Sowing time: from […]

Carthusian pink (Dianthus carthusianorum)

Carthusian pink – planting, care and tips

2020-10-22 0

The Carthusian pink was cultivated as a medicinal plant in monastery gardens early on. During the flowering season in summer, the native pink species is a magnet for butterflies in the garden. Profile of Carthusian […]