long bell pepper
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Harvesting peppers: This is how to do it

2022-08-19 0

When are peppers ripe for harvesting? How do you take them off in a plant-friendly way? And especially important in the fall: How can unripe peppers be ripened? Here you will find the answers about […]

Red bell peppers
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Growing peppers: With these tips it will succeed

2022-05-23 0

Do you love peppers, but growing them yourself has so far produced hardly any fruit? If you take these tips to heart, your plants will thrive splendidly and certainly give you a rich bell pepper […]

Green pepper
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Growing peppers: The 5 most common mistakes

2021-04-30 0

Whether yellow or red, elongated or roundish, mild or hot: peppers impress with an enormous variety. Peppers, hot peppers and chili peppers originated in Central and South America. To ensure that the heat-loving vegetable from […]