Flower of marsh gentian
Gentian family

Marsh gentian – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-27 0

The deep blue flowers of the marsh gentian are worth all the effort it takes to establish the native wild shrub permanently in the garden. Profile of marsh gentian: Scientific name: Gentiana pneumonanthe Plant family: […]

Flower of Indian rhubarb (Darmera peltata)
Saxifrage family

Indian rhubarb – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-22 0

A conspicuous flowering in spring as well as shapely foliage make the Indian rhubarb an attractive water plant all year round. Profile of Indian rhubarb: Scientific name: Darmera peltata Plant family: saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae) Other […]

Korean angelica (Angelica gigas)

Korean angelica – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-22 0

The Korean angelica attracts all eyes with its dome-shaped dark red umbels in the bed. This is how you plant and care for this lovely plant correctly. Profile of Korean angelica: Scientific name: Angelica gigas […]

Giant-rhubarb (Gunnera manicata)
Gunneraceae family

Giant-rhubarb – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-19 0

The giant-rhubarb (Gunnera manicata) with its huge leaves is an absolute eye-catcher in the garden. Especially the oasis of calm at the garden pond is a great way to put the spotlight on it. The […]

Flower of butterbur (Petasites hybridus)
Daisy / Aster family

Butterbur – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-13 0

The butterbur is an exceptional ground cover for the water’s edge and damp soils and is particularly recommended for larger gardens. Here are tips for planting and care. Profile of butterbur: Scientific name: Petasites hybridus […]

Garden speedwell (Veronica longifolia)
Plantain family

Garden speedwell – info, planting, care and tips

2021-01-08 0

The garden speedwell impresses even from afar with its colorful flower candles. Here you can learn how to plant and care for the summer bloomer. Profile of garden speedwell Scientific name: Veronica longifolia Plant family: […]

Amur daylily (Hemerocallis middendorffii)
Asphodel subfamily

Amur daylily – info, planting, care and tips

2020-12-22 0

Amur daylily enchants with its natural charisma and provides bright accents in the garden, on the edge of the pond or bed. Profile of Amur daylily: Scientific name: Hemerocallis middendorffii Plant family: asphodel family (Asphodelacea) […]