Summer ragwort (Ligularia dentata)
Daisy / Aster family

Summer ragwort – info, planting, care and tips

2020-12-15 0

The summer ragwort is an imposing and easy to care for, but little-known flowering and leaf ornament for moist soils. It is also known under the name of leopardplant. Profile of summer ragwort: Scientific name: […]

Feather leaf rodgersia (Rodgersia pinnata)
Saxifrage family

Feather leaf rodgersia – planting, care and tips

2020-11-26 0

The feather leaf rodgersia has everything you could want from a perennial: striking leaf decorations and beautiful flowers. Here are tips for planting and caring for the all-rounder. Profile of feather leaf rodgersia: Scientific name: […]

Japanese iris (Iris ensata)
Iris family

Japanese iris – planting, care and tips

2020-11-24 0

The Japanese iris is quite demanding, but it rewards the hobby gardener with magnificent, reddish-purple flowers, which a real eye-catcher. Here you find what to consider when planting and caring for. Profile of Japanese iris: […]

Jacob's-ladder (Polemonium caeruleum)
Phlox family

Jacob’s-ladder – planting, care and tips

2020-11-23 0

The Jacob’s-ladder (Polemonium caeruleum) enchants with light blue flowers in June and July. With these tips, the Greek valerian will also grow in your garden. Profile of Jacob’s-ladder: Scientific name: Polemonium caeruleum Plant family: phlox […]

Great masterwort (Astrantia major)

Great masterwort – planting, care and tips

2020-11-11 0

Easy to care for and attractive: Masterworts are becoming increasingly popular as accompanying perennials in partially shaded beds. Here is how to plant and care for the great masterwort. Profile of great masterwort: Scientific name: […]

Flower of columbine meadow-rue
Buttercup family

Columbine meadow-rue – planting, care and tips

2020-11-10 0

Among the perennials, it is one of the candidates for the planting of beautiful open spaces. With the Columbine meadow-rue exceptionally beautiful beds can be created. It has a wild perennial character, which gives the […]

Golden-club (Orontium aquaticum)
Arum family

Golden-club – planting, care and tips

2020-11-09 0

The golden-club is an eye-catcher in every water garden with its golden yellow flower head. This is how planting and care are successful. Profile of golden-club: Scientific name: Orontium aquaticum Plant family: arum family (Araceae) […]

Flower of dotted loosestrife
Primrose family

Dotted loosestrife – planting, care and tips

2020-10-29 0

The dotted loosestrife is a wild shrub with striking yellow inflorescences and a long flowering period. This is how to properly plant and care for Lysimachia punctata. Profile of dotted loosestrife: Scientific name: Lysimachia punctata […]

Common butterwort (Pinguicula vulgaris)
Bladderwort family

Common butterwort – planting, care and tips

2020-10-28 0

The common butterwort is hardy and thus one of the few carnivorous plants that can be cultivated outdoors. This is how to plant and care for the unusual perennial. Profile of common butterwort: Scientific name: […]

Culver’s root
Figwort family

Culver’s root – planting, care and tips

2020-10-27 0

The long-lived Culver’s root is an impressive perennial for the prairie garden. Here are tips on planting and care. Profile of culver’s root: Scientific name: Veronicastrum virginicum Plant family: figwort family (Scrophulariaceae) Other names: Culver’s-root, […]